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Requisition Number 18-0300
Post Date 7/18/2018
Title General Manager, Fuel Facility
City Denver
State CO
Description 1) Customer Satisfaction; To maintain an uncompromising dedication to providing high quality service to all of our customers at a fair and reasonable price. This is achieved by accomplishing all duties in accordance with established airline regulations.

2) Interface with customer and especially consortium chairperson.

3) Coordinates and monitors facility operations in order to ensure compliance with customer, government and company policies and procedures.

4) Directs the operations supervisor in his daily duties, and directs work assignments to achieve performance, quality and efficiency of assigned staff personnel. Monitors quality assurance program/records, ensures all applicable procedures are in compliance and maintains facility inspection records.

5) Develop annual budget for the operation.

6) Assist in management, administration and special project requirements. Organize and submit monthly operations reports to the SVP and Airline customers. Participate in meetings with groups or organizations required pertaining to operations.

7) Develop and revise operational procedures as required by change of contract, regulation, policy, construction and necessity.

8) Coordinate physical fuel movements with scheduler and operations personnel and ensure proper physical inventory procedures are followed and properly documented.

9) Maintain communications with employees, monitor manpower schedules and requirements. Coordinate training of operational employees to ensure proper training is accomplished and properly documented

10) Monitor supervisor required reports and follow up all operational irregularities while enforcing employee work rules/regulations and report as required to Station Manager. Assist in career development of employees for future management expansion as required.


A) EDUCATION: College Graduate or higher degree in science or business, preferably with experience and background in mechanical or Petro Chemical field. B) PAST EXPERIENCE: 10 years in petroleum storage and distribution, related to aviation preferred. Good knowledge of financial accounting involving airline consortiums as well as inventory controls/tracking. It is extremely important to understand facilities established guidelines / procedures and ensure and provide the strong management skills to ensure that they are adhered to. C) JOB REQUIREMENTS 1. RESOURCEFULNESS: Organization, communication and strong management are major skills required to provide the direction necessary to effectively manage the M&O facility. 2. PERSONNEL MANAGEMENT: This job entails the ability to understand the personnel and provide assistance to all personnel. It is extremely important to provide day-to-day guidance making sure that the fuel system functions without any problems. Additionally, the ability to assist personnel in troubleshooting the system and placing it back in service promptly without compromising the safety of the operation is an essential skill. 3. ABILITY TO WORK EFFECTIVELY: Work in close proximity with other employees and with airline management personnel. Must possess the ability to maintain a good working relationship with all co-workers, airline and airport personnel and the general public and to use good judgment in fulfilling job responsibilities. 4. RESPONSIBILITY FOR GOODWILL AND PUBLIC RELATIONS: This position includes responsibility to act as a contact person with oil companies, airlines, airports, into-plane fueling agents and other third parties. As stated in the Statement of Position, while performing all duties, must project a professional image for ASII and its customers. 5. Ability to lift up to 70lbs.

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